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Category: General Fiction

‘Ol Trusty

Captain Sirius Driggs pulled his plasma pistol from its holster and thumbed the hammer. The air was thick, both with condensation and tension, but Driggs kept his cool while the patrol of pygmy warriors passed on the other side of the tree line. When they’d disappeared, he let ‘Ol Trusty drop back into its holster and stepped free of the jungle brush. “Shouldn’t be too much further, what does the map say?”

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Across The River

It was hot. The kind of grueling, unrelenting hot that made everyone in the tenements aware of just how claustrophobic their living quarters were and fertilized the deep-seated hostility they all carried around because of it. Even out on his balcony Joc could hear the man across the hall cursing lividly at his broken AC unit. And in the plaza a dozen floors below, friction built between a couple, their argument growing ever more animated. Joc shook his head and, after lighting a cigarette, turned his attention out across the river.

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A Sort of Sweetness

“It wasn’t supposed to end like this,” Carrie said turning to Dom, his olive skin glistening in the light of the setting sun.

“Maybe,” he said, propping himself up and plucking a strawberry from the basket they’d brought. “But aren’t you glad it did?”

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