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The Corpus Anthology Kickstarter is Live!

Good news, everyone!

I wrote a comic that’s going to be featured in this collection!

It’s actually my first non-fiction story and about my grandparents. So if you know them (or would like to get to know them a little better) drop a couple bucks and learn what I got the chance to learn about how they dealt with the aftermath of my grandpa’s electrocution. Olivia Mercurio, the artist I’m working with, is incredible and the final product is definitely going to be worth getting your hands on!

But if you don’t know or care about my grandparents, this collection is still worth picking up! Many of the talented contributors have worked in comics for years and have credits not only with DC, Marvel & Dark Horse but also have their own series running at Image. I could list some, but why not check out the roster for yourself over on the Kickstarter page?

Physical copies are discounted to $20 for TODAY ONLY and will be $25 every day after that, so if you want a hard copy put your order in today!

Thanks in advance to all who can contribute!

– Hal

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